Sunday, January 8, 2017

Earthquake Relief Fund

An Earnest Appeal to Donate Generously
Much has been talked on the massive destruction caused in Nepal due to dooming 7.8 Richter scale earthquake on 25th of April 2015.  In the country like Nepal, obviously its impact on human life is horrendous.  The aftermath of earthquake witnessed over 10 million of people sheltering under a basic tent or no tent. Moreover, the recurring innumerable sub-quakes compelled them to give up their homes and abandon the areas despite the incessant rain during the days.
The tremors not only uprooted the foundation of the age old historic palace, temples and local houses, but also rummaged social life, agriculture, animal husbandry and tourism sector- its impact is yet to be faced in the long run.
At this time, when the whole nation is drowning in tears, we are surely not in the exceptional situation. Due to this natural calamity we also lost our house and now we are forced to be displaced with family. If only the situation remained to this limit, we would work hard and bounce back to normal life. But, our serious concern is our business and people who are directly related to us( 80% of booking is cancelled). In other words, being a responsible entrepreneur we are responsible to 100s of guides and porters whose capacity to take care of family directly rely on our business.
A week after the earthquake we have hardly sighed a breath realizing we are at least safe when the realization occurred that we have a big responsibility ahead to take care of those who take care of us and our valuable clients  up in the mountain.
 Most of them have lost their houses. Now, we are keeping in touch with them. They wonder at us “ Isn’t it possible for you to raise some fund on behalf of us?”
Then what next…. Despite knowing that most of you might have donated to some organization representing there, Guys we are taking this step……. Wholeheartedly we are making this earnest request please donate for your favorite people in Nepal.
Through our company’s “Earth Quake Relief Fund  2015” we have already given away our trekking tents, tarpaulin, and the clothes we have in store.  We are now planning to provide them food, sanitary stuffs and some financial support to repair or reconstruct their damaged house.
Once again, we cordially request you to donate generously for the
Earthquake Victims
You may either deposit your donation at A/C
Contact Person: Hari Sharan Bhuju
Bank transfer and Cash : For Bank Transfer, please write details exactly as listed below:
Beneficiary : Nepal Trek Ways Pvt Ltd.
USD Account No. 030000000010B
Bank Name : Citizens Bank International ltd. (kamaladi, Kathmandu)
Bank Address : Durbar Square Area, Khauma-15, Bhaktapur Branch.
TEL:977-01-6612061/654 FAX:977-01-6612487
Swift code: CTZNNPKA
Beneficiary : Nepal Trek Ways Pvt Ltd.
NPR Account No. 030000167’CA’
Bank Name : Citizens Bank International (Kamaladi, Kathmandu)
Bank address: : Durbar Square Area, Khauma-15, Bhaktapur Branch
Swift Code: CTZNNPKA
We have designed our program in two fold.
1.     Immediate relief
In this phase we will provide basic shelter in tent, beddings, food and sanitary stuffs.
2.     Long term relief
In this phase we recognize the infants and children who have lost their parents in Nepal earthquake to sponsor for their Education.
With Thanks in Advance

Sharan Bhuju                                                       
Managing Director
Earthquake Relief Fund Management Committee

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